Hibiscus Patio Trees!

Plant Life Designs offers tropical hibiscus trees for order! We have a variety of pink, red and yellow. We are currently taking orders until April 10th, 2020. Please note, these trees are available by pre-order only. Trees will be ready for pick-up in May and we will call you when they are here!

Tropical Hibiscus Tree
Photo Credit: Riley Glenn Photography

Hocus Pocus Groundcovers

‘Elfin’ Creeping Thyme (Photo Credit: Midwest Groundcovers)
Purple Blooms in May/June. Drought Tolerant!

We are a proud supplier of Hocus Pocus Groundcovers from Midwest Groundcovers. Whether you are looking for something to fun to walk on, something to mix inbetween your shrubs and perennials, a new addition to a fairy garden, blooms to bring in pollinators, plants to grow under trees, we can offer a groundcover for every situation. Mixed with ornamental grasses, perennials and shrubs, groundcovers can also help ease the maintenance of weeding the garden! We offer complimentary online groundcover consultation. Send us a message at info@plantlifedesigns.com with your groundcover questions!

We can find the right groundcover for your garden location, calculate exactly how many you need and order it for pick up at Plant Life Designs!

For a detailed list of our availbity from Midwest Groundcovers, click here! https://www.hocuspocusgroundcovers.com/

Pictured below are two different groundcover planting patterns. Once we know how you would prefer to place them, we can calculate the number of plants needed!

Triangle Pattern
Grid Pattern

Keep On Growing!

During our time quarantined in our homes with the spread of the Coronavirus, we can still find ways to keep growing. Thinking about the garden and planning for the future keeps us going during these more challenging times that we are in. Here are a few suggestions from your friends at Plant Life Designs!

‘Scentsation’ Honeysuckle Vine

‘Scentsation’ Honeysuckle Vine
Very showy vine with extremely fragrant yellow flowers. Drought tolerant. Fall color.
Full Sun
12-15′ in height, 4-6′ in width
Zone 4-9

$38, 2 gal. size

Available in spring 2020. Plant Life Designs will call for pick up.

*Plants carry a warranty only when installed by Plant Life Designs.

Plant Recipe Cards

Our friends at Midwest Groundcovers have put together some really fun plant recipe cards! All plants available for order at Plant Life Designs. Call our office today at 515.996.8888. We would love to help you add some new plantings to your landscape!

‘Wine Garden’

Add a ‘wine garden’ to your landscape this season with these beautiful selections! See the recipe card below and if you need more assistance please give us a call! Order your plants today for a spring pick up. 515.996.8888

‘Ginger Wine’ Physocarpus
4-6′ tall, 4-6′ wide
Full sun to part sun
Hues of orange-red in the spring and fall; burgundy in summer
White blooms in early summer
Zone 3-7
$51.50 ea, 5 gal. size

‘Winecraft Black’ Smokebush
4-6′ tall, 4-6′ wide
Full sun
Burgundy blooms, purple-black foliage; orange in fall
Zone 4-8
$60 ea, 5 gal size

‘Tuscan Sun’ Heliopsis
12-18″ tall, 12-18″ wide
Full Sun to part sun
Bright daisy-like flowers with an orange-gold button center
Zones 3-9
$17.50 ea, 1 gal. size
‘Cherry Cheeks’ Daylily
24-36″ tall, 18-36″ wide
Full sun
Pinkish-red flowers with gold throat
Zones 3-9
$12.50 ea, 1 gal size

‘Bonfire’ Euphorbia
8-12″ tall, 12-18″ wide
Full sun to part sun
Green foliage changes purple, red, and orange for the summer
Blooms yellow in summer
Zones 4-9
$18 ea, 1 gal size

(Photos courtesy of Midwest Groundcovers)

Spotlight on ‘Berry Poppins’ Winterberry

Ilex verticillata ‘Berry Poppins’
‘Berry Poppins’ Winterberry
This shrub is perfect for a pop of red in a snowy Iowa landscape!  
Reaching only 3-4′ tall and 3-4′ wide, makes it easy to add into your garden.  The leaves on this plant will drop early, displaying large red colorful berries for the winter season.  ‘Berry Poppins’ prefers full sun to part sun, with moist, well-drained soils.  Pair with ‘Mr. Poppins’ for proper pollination.  

Order today for spring pick-up!  

‘Berry Poppins’ Winterberry, 3 Gal. $46.50

‘Mr. Poppins’ Winterberry, 3 gal. $46.50

9th Annual Spring Plant Sale Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 8 AM-5 PM

NEW FOR 2020!


“Grow them as dazzling thrillers, in containers, amass under a tall tree, cut their leaves for bouquets and oh so much more! With an expansive range of color patterns and both sun and shade tolerant cultivars, you’ll find the toughest part about growing Heart to Heart caladiums is choosing which ones to buy.” – Proven Winners

 Caladiums are also generally considered to be houseplants where they prefer bright light or a sunny window.

‘Lemon Blush’ is a fancy-leaved introduction with rose red center and wide chartreuse margin – a new look in caladiums. It is a part shade to shade plant. 15-20″ in height and 10-14″ wide.
Photo Credit: Proven Winners
‘Heart and Soul’ is a strap leaf variety with a white center, green border and red spots. The white center is often flushed pink. ‘Heart and Soul’ can tolerate 6-8 hours of morning sun and is therefore useful in the landscape for its versatility – working in both sun and shade.  15-20″ in height and 8-10″ wide.
Photo Credit: Proven Winners
‘Scarlet Flame’ has vivid red, strap shaped leaves are liberally marked with pink and white speckles and handsomely finished with a bright green margin. It works well in patio planters or the landscape. It works especially well in borders. It will grow well in both shade and sun conditions. 15-20″ in height and 8-10″ wide.
Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Described as nothing less than elegant, ‘White Wonder’ is a beautiful lance-leaved (strap) variety that can stand full sun. Due to its stature, ‘White Wonder’ makes an excellent border to intermediate plant in the landscape. It is adapted to both sun and shade. 15-20″ in height and 8-10″ wide. Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Fire Away Hot and Heavy Pepper

A perfect pepper for your patio! Say that 10 times fast! This pepper will only reach 16-24″ tall and 12-18″ wide and will produce all season long. A perfect plant for snacks on the patio! The flavor of this pepper is smooth, sweet and spicy….moderate heat.
Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Good Hearted Tomatoes

Juicy fruits have a tender skin and perfect sweet to acid balance. The somewhat heart-shaped tomatoes are fun and interesting and look especially cool when sliced in half, which shows off the heart-shape to best effect. The tomato shape helps this veggie be ornamental as well as yummy. These plants will produce tomatoes for an extended period of time and thrive in heat and humidity. Fruit ripens in about 65 to 72 days.  Plant will reach 8-12″ tall and 12-18′ wide.
Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Amazel Basil

This basil is resistant to downy mildew, a disease that often plagues basil. And since it’s sterile, this large, vigorous plant produces a higher yield of usable, deliciously aromatic leaves. The more you harvest, the better it grows.
20-36″ tall and 12-24″ wide
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


‘Suncredible’ Yellow Helianthus is an amazing annual cut
flower. Grows 24-42″ tall!
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


Our staff is excited to assist you to create
one-of-a-kind patio containers!
(Hippo White paired with Lemon Coral Sedum)
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


Dr. Wyche’s, Pork Chop, Brad’s Atomic Garage, New Hanover & Thornsburn’s Terra Cotta.

Back By Popular Demand!


Perfect for the cut flower garden, the landscape or the container!


Varieties to include: Amazel Basil, Dolce Fresca Basil, Thai Siam Queen Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Chives, Greek Oregano, Peppermint, Flat Leaved Parsley, Rosemary ,Sage, Spearmint, Thyme, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon Thyme, Mojito Mint, Triple Curled Parsley, Catnip, and French Tarragon


Take the guess work out of container design and let handle packs….handle it!
A mix of six assorted plants that co-mingle and turn into a beautiful container garden.



Hummingbirds love this plant!
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


Jennie Smith will be available on site to help you in selecting your perfect tomatoes!


‘Grab and Go’ potted containers give instant gratification & make a perfect gift!


‘Baby Tut’ adds a splash of sass to your container gardens!
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


Pictured: ‘Maui Sunrise’
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


This strawberry is a great way to add color and
flavor to your summertime drinks with its ever-bearing fruit and edible flowers!
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


Varieties include:
Swiss Chard, Lettuces, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper, Mucho Nacho Pepper, Bell Boy Pepper
Photo Credit: Proven Winners


Order your tidy plants today for spring! Plants will be available for pick up in late April/early May. We will contact you when they arrive and can be picked up at our gardens in Van Meter.

(Please note, plants only carry a warranty if planted by Plant Life Designs. )

‘Summer Beauty’ Allium
12-18″ x 18-24″
Full Sun
Deer/Rabbit Resistant
$12, 1 Gal. Size
‘Millenium’ Allium
12-18″ x 18-24″
Full Sun
Deer/Rabbit Resistant
$13, 1 Gal Size
‘Peek-A-Boo’ Allium
8-12″ x 18-24″
Full Sun
Deer/Rabbit Resistant
$15, 1 Gal. Size

‘Royal Heritage’ Lenten Rose
18-24″ x 18-24″
Shade to Part Sun
Deer Resistant
$20, 1 Gal. Size
Aronia Low Scape Mound
18-24″ x 18-24″
Full Sun/Part Shade
Red Fall Foliage
White Spring Flower
$38.50, 2 Gal Size
‘Kit Kat’ Catmint
8-12″ x 8-12″
Full Sun
Deer/Rabbit Resistant
$12, 1 Gal Size
Drift Roses
Apricot 12-18″ x 24-36″
Coral 12-18″ x 18-24″
Peach 12-18″ x 18-24″
Pink 12-18″ x 24-36″
Popcorn 12-18″ x 18-24″
Red 12-18″ x 24-36″
Sweet 12-18″ x 24-36″
White 12-18″ x 24-36″
Full Sun
$38, 3 Gal. Size

Drift Rose
Stachys officinalis ‘Hummelo’
Apline Betony
18-24″ x 12-18″
Full Sun
$12.50, 1 Gal Size
Autumn Moor Grass
18-24″ x 12-18″
Versatile Grass
Full Sun
$14, 1 Gal. Size
‘Bonfire’ Cushion Spurge
8-12″ x 12-18″
Full Sun/Part Sun
$18, 1 Gal. Size