Fall Inspiration


As I anxiously await for my newly planted ‘Limetta’ Hydrangeas  (a new introduction from Proven Winners) to fill in around my deck, I decided to add in some annual fall favorites this month.  This freshens up the space and also provides some wonderful color and texture to finish out the growing season here in Iowa.  I did a mix of purple aster, ornamental cabbage/kale and the annual fountain grass to brighten up the plant design.  All annuals, but I know I will fully enjoy them into the fall season!

   -Tara Dudley

Designer @ Plant Life Designs


Bouquets & Beverages

Introducing ‘Bouquets & Beverages’! Celebrate friendships & special occasions creating a beautiful foraged floral arrangement in our gardens at Plant Life Designs. We focus on gorgeous seasonal blooms paired with unexpected texture in a simple ceramic vase. Contact our office at 515.996.8888 for more information and to book your event!

The Conversation Garden Workshop

Plant Life Designs welcomed local landscape architect, Lynn Kuhn from Outdoor Transformations. Lynn’s approach to creating inviting vignettes inspired our guests to encourage outdoor conversations with family and loved ones. Plant inspired sips and snacks made for a delightful evening!

Summer Solstice Party!


We welcomed summer at Plant Life Designs with a summer solstice party!  Complete with a sun-inspired meal from the garden in our greenhouse, lovely party guests and sunflower party favors!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 8Photo 9Photo 10

“Inside the Window Box” Plantone Club

We had such a lovely time at our last Plantone Club event learning about new ways to plant up your window box for the upcoming growing season.  We featured a “detox box” which included a variety of sanseveria plants that are known for purifying the air in your home.  Everyone was able to pot up their own window box and take it home!  It was a great time!  They also received “How to Window Box”…a book full of inspiration for years to come!

Inside The Window Box 2

Inside The Window Box 3

Potting Up Our Window Boxes

Smiles All Around!


Inside The Window Box 7

Creating an Urban Forest

Do you know trees actually do better with a friend?  Take a stroll through a nearby forest some afternoon and pay special attention to the placement of the trees, their proximity, and how well they are growing. The forest can be a great guide as we grow within our home landscape.   Trees planted closer together will benefit one another more as apposed to trees planted on either side of your property.

(Photo taken at Southwoods Park in West Des Moines)Bare trees and leaves on the ground

Trees have the ability to communicate with one another and can also share resources.  For example, a douglas fir tree and a birch tree can transfer carbon between them via mycelia (the vegetative part of the fungus in the soil).

To learn more, check out this Ted Talk!