New and Blue!

overgrown greenery and brick pathway
Before: The pathway under the arbor going to the cantina.
old brick pathway to pergola
Before: The pathway to the pergola.
truck holding flagstone
We selected blue buff supreme for the new walkway material. Supreme indeed!
sand pathway with workers
We discovered the pathway was resting on just a bed of sand. Throughout the years it became very uneven because it was lacking a stable base layer.
sand pathway running under an arbor
Bricks are out!
stacks of bricks
All the bricks were then neatly stacked and will be re-purposed for another project in the future!
pathway with crushed limestone
We added in several ton of crushed limestone rock and compacted it to make a nice stable base for the new stone.
pathway in the process of being built with flagstone
An inch of sand is added on top of the crushed rock to help level the stones.
flagstone pathway being built to pergola
With natural stone, each stone varies in thickness, which provides a challenge for installation and leveling, but the end result is amazing!
curved flagstone pathway to pergola
After: The slight serpentine curves add so much interest to this pathway! It is a treat to take a walk on!
flagstone pathway running under an arbor
What a beautiful frame of wood, stone and plants!
flagstone pathway leading to pergola
The completed pathway to the pergola!