A Wreath Class to Remember!

Our guests had a memorable evening in the greenhouse, learning and creating a fresh holiday wreath for their home.  We all enjoyed meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones.  It was definitely a night to remember.  Cheers to the holiday season and to “living among your plants”.

-Tara Dudley & Plant Life Designs


2018 Winter Wreath Festival

What a beautiful day kicking off the holiday season with friends, family and fresh greenery!  We always look forward to this event as it brings everyone together after the growing season for a time to reconnect before the winter season sets in.

Cheers to the holidays!

Festive Fall Containers


Mini pumpkins/gourds, floral foam, container, winterberry

  1.  Select a container from your home.  We recommend a boat-shape container for this recipe.
  2. Insert a brick of wet floral foam.
  3. Purchase a bundle of orange winterberry from your local floral supply store/grocery store.  You can also grow this variety in your landscape.  This specific variety is Ilex veritcillata Berry Heavy Gold.
  4. Insert twigs in a the center of the floral foam at varying heights.
  5. Cover the foam with an assortment of mini pumpkins and gourds!

Fall Inspiration


As I anxiously await for my newly planted ‘Limetta’ Hydrangeas  (a new introduction from Proven Winners) to fill in around my deck, I decided to add in some annual fall favorites this month.  This freshens up the space and also provides some wonderful color and texture to finish out the growing season here in Iowa.  I did a mix of purple aster, ornamental cabbage/kale and the annual fountain grass to brighten up the plant design.  All annuals, but I know I will fully enjoy them into the fall season!

   -Tara Dudley

Designer @ Plant Life Designs


Bouquets & Beverages

We are so excited to introduce Bouquets & Beverages! Celebrate friendships & special occasions creating a beautiful floral arrangement in our lovely garden space at Plant Life Designs. We focus on gorgeous seasonal blooms paired with unexpected texture in a simple ceramic vase. Our approach will sure to inspire and look gorgeous in any home! Contact our office at 515.996.8888 for more information.

The Conversation Garden Workshop

Plant Life Designs welcomed local landscape architect, Lynn Kuhn from Outdoor Transformations. Lynn’s approach to creating inviting vignettes inspired our guests to encourage outdoor conversations with family and loved ones. Plant inspired sips and snacks made for a delightful evening!

Summer Solstice Party!


We welcomed summer at Plant Life Designs with a summer solstice party!  Complete with a sun-inspired meal from the garden in our greenhouse, lovely party guests and sunflower party favors!

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