Wood’s Famous Brimmer


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We have grown this remarkable tomato for several years, and it has never disappointed. If you are the tomato grower with a fetish for big red fruit, then here is the tomato of your vegetable fantasies. Developed in the 1920s by W. T. Woods & Sons of Richmond, Virginia, this tomato produces large 3 to 4-inch red fruit of perfect round shape. We are not certain whether this variety was developed as a canning tomato or as a dinner slicer because it makes the perfect BLT sandwich. That said, this tomato variety was created and bred in the Mid-Atlantic region, so it will thrive in our humid Midwestern summers and yield wildly off-the-books quantities of picture perfect monster red tomatoes. This is an heirloom that needs to be brought back into mainstream creative regional cuisine. Plan on profitable harvests and juicy BLTs all summer.