*Available for purchase fall 2019*

wreath with magnolia leaves, cedars, firs, pines, twigs and rose hips

(pictured above is ‘Southern Charm’)


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The “Naturally” Wreath  – A mix of fresh evergeens, with pinecones, rose hips and assorted twigs.
The “Kitchen” Wreath – A mix of fresh evergreens, with dried oregano and lavender for an outstanding aroma combination!
The “Simply Boxwood” Wreath – A wreath made simply of the classic boxwood.  A contemporary approach to the holiday season!
The “Shades of Blue” Wreath – Eucalyptus, fir boughs and juniper berries, mixed with other assorted greenery for a predominantly blue hue.
The “Miss Magnolia” Wreath – A wreath made simply of southern grown magnolia leaves alternating between the green glossy front sides and the suede-brown undersides.  Available in Round only.
The “Southern Charm” Wreath A mix of fresh evergreens, dried rose hips, twigs, pine cones and magnolia leaves.
The “Hips and Huckleberry” Wreath -A mix of of fresh evergreens, fresh rose hips and huckleberry.


• Mini Round Wreath  is about 10-12″ wide
• Small Round Wreath is about 18-20″ wide
• Large Round Wreath is about 24-26″ wide
• Large Square Wreath is about 24-28″ wide

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